Filmmaking is my canvas for expressing the depths of my inner world — a realm where thoughts, feelings, and memories converge. Observing life's intricacies has been my lifelong pursuit, shaping my ability to capture reality authentically and, when needed, to reshape it with purpose.

My journey began at the Robert Schumann Conservatory in Dusseldorf, Germany, where I learned my craft. In 2018, my debut documentary "Twin Town Blues" delved into a Nicaraguan music project, leaving its mark in theaters after premiering in my hometown Wuppertal. Fast forward to 2021, I collaborated with journalist Eva Mühlenbäumer on "Human B", a documentary exploring the depths of the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

From low-budget music videos to high-value television productions at ZDF, I've navigated diverse terrain, crafting narratives for clients like Ogilvy, ARTE and Deutsche Bahn.

Each project, whether commercial or creative, has been a collaborative endeavor, enriching my storytelling journey. I'm eager for new opportunities to bring stories to life.
Reach out — I'm ready to work with you.